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4 Essential Tips to make good money in Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks

Penny stocks have high risks associated with them and should be purchased carefully.

We’ve enlisted 4 important tips for making good money in penny stocks:

Tip 1:

Check the Trading Volume

If the trading volume of any stock is low, it is probable that you will lose your entire investment by relying on it. Most penny stocks traded at low volumes in comparison to blue chip stocks with mid or large capitalization. However, if the trading volume is very low, it means people are not willing to buy or sell the shares fast enough. It can be a risky situation and the stocks can start begin losing it worth. People think that there is no way to sell before they hit the bottom line, but the actual fact is that when the trading rate lowers, the investors should think about making their decision for quitting.


Some experts suggest that there should be an average number of shares traded in a day since it is important for investors to make sure that the appropriate volume is being traded. The difference between the listed price and selling price has to be checked to make the best option. The spread goes high for the trusted shares and hence, you can make sure about the trading capacity of a stock by checking its volume. The average spread should be fair enough to encourage you for purchasing a particular stock. The stocks having extremely low volume should be DEFINITELY AVOIDED.

Tip 2:

Don’t completely rely on Free Newsletters

This is the worst mistake done by some investors. They take free picks from the penny stock newsletters and get greedy by blindly following the emails aimed at doing Pump and Dump scam. The people sending these marketing emails show that they are experts, but ultimately, they turn out to be fraudsters. Nothing in this world is free and if you are getting free advice taken, you’ll have to pay for it in some or the other way. Free can end up costing you the whole investment amount and this is the nature of penny stock world.

You are warned about taking suggestions from any free newsletters and subscribing to them because the people sitting at the other end are so clever that they would try to attract you with their nice words and make you invest into those underperforming scammed stocks.

Tip 3:

Find the Best Stocks to Buy

The best way to purchase the right penny stocks is different for all. You need to choose the premium and trusted stock picks because ultimately, it will be required to check out a few stocks from the list of thousands of stocks. After you check out the stock picks, it is essential to do your personal analysis on the particular lists and establish you own person list of stocks having probability to make you earn good bucks.

There are many experts charging nominal fee for giving the best stock tips and it is worth the fee to find the right person. The profit you can get by these picks will justify the fee and you will be glad to make the earnings. It is always good to pay for the services with which you have the probability to earn in huge numbers. After all, it is always preferable to make the right decision with fullest information. The penny stock pickers have to sniff out the truth before anyone else is able to do so. You can sell the best penny stocks and cherish the progressive approach with better ideas.

Tip 4:

Be careful for trading Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can trade on many exchanges, but those are not the major exchanges. There are penny stocks to be found on the OTCBB and Pink sheets, which are not much reliable. There are lesser chances for scams to occur in major stock exchanges, but the probability is on higher side with pink sheet stocks. The companies trading on OTCBB are less reliable and have the chances of getting fraudulent. The companies trading on major stock exchanges have better fundamentals than pink sheet stocks. The majority of penny stocks are failure because of mismanagement of regulations and less strictness in the pink sheets. The stock trading has to be done with you own research to make sure that there are lesser chances of getting losses.

The best way for penny stock pickers is to choose the best services for trading these stocks and use fixed money for investment. You might get greed for investing a big money, but controlling that feeling is the most important thing to earn good with penny stocks. Minimize your risks by making a smart move and earn good with penny stock investments for the best scope. You can get the real benefits by investing in the best stocks.

George Mitchell

Trade penny stocks over the other stocks (Part 1)

Penny Stocks
  • Penny Stocks have huge potential

Penny stocks have higher potential than the other major stocks. Traditional stocks are priced in the right way and have slow variations. However, the penny stocks have variety and variability of prices due to which they are better for day trading. People make huge money out of these stocks within a few days time and it is the reason for some investors to choose these stocks over the others of different categorization.

  • Quick Profit Making

Penny stocks have differences from traditional stocks in the terms of making rapid profits. It can give even 100% return within a few days, which is much higher in terms of the rates of profits made with blue chip stocks. It is fascinating for the investors to achieve best results by trading penny stocks and it will be common to get the high profit rates within a short interval of time. Click here to read more info about Penny Stocks.penny-stocks-today-tag-1

  • Quality Penny Stocks surpass the blue chip stocks

Quality is always important in the world of stocks and especially in the case of penny stocks. There is financial balance to be made while purchasing the stocks and the quality pennies will always give better results than the high quantity pennies. The small caps have proved out to perform extraordinarily and even better than the large cap stocks. It even takes the smallest time to get better scope and positive monetary results.

  • Be the informed investor

The investors having fullest information about the penny stocks can do well in their tasks. You can get the full analysis of the stocks from internet and other sources. It will help in keeping your informed and make the best out of your investment efforts. Getting all the necessary information will increase your chances of making higher money and incremented scope with pennies. Informed investors always get huge success in the stock world.

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Penny Stock Trading

Penny Stocks

When you begin with stock market trading, you might become over attracted to the different approaches and strategies involved in these stocks. Everyone has different concepts with regard to the pennies and it is a big task to put your money to the right stocks. The first trading is always overwhelming but it should be done very carefully as one wrong move might give you negative vibes about the stocks market.

The feeling should be to choose for the best stocks having worth to attract the money, time and efforts of the traders. The low cap stocks are good for beginners, but make sure that these stocks are too risky and volatile that people actually refrain from selling or purchasing them.

Penny stocks are good to begin but it is important to buy the best stocks having high quality. Some people get burdened by pennies as they trade them in the wrong way. Penny stocks are always attractive as you can buy many stocks by investing hundreds of dollars. On the same time, there is a big risk involved in these stocks as one wrong move can lead towards loss of the whole investment.


Small cap stock picks are attractive, but the investors need to make sure that they are doing their own research for every stock to avoid too many losses. Penny stocks are traded for $5 or lesser and it is an easy way to make good money from the market. These stocks are traded on pink sheets or OTCBB. Your focus should be on investing in the most appropriate stocks, which can probably give you best returns.

Professional advice is of course useful for penny stocks, but your personal research matters more than the expert tips. Hot penny stocks can be looked on and analyzed well to make the final decision.